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I am not sure, but this really could use some work- There is not much colouring, and the lines are sloppy. I do not hate it, it just ne...

by xCuTeWoLf2x

best most amaze great magical rainbows magic pony cool pizza in the sky with explosions this is amazing SPACE yay don't mind the spam t...

by xCuTeWoLf2x

Sorry, I'm just going to be honest, this could use some work. Maybe you could put shading or something it it, but besides that, it's pr...

I love everything about it. It's cute, the colouring and shading is nice, and it always puts a smile on my face! X3 so cute, I'd love t...


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Just simple drawings of your fursona. I don't do overly designed ocs. I will do cats/wolves/birds/any easy to draw animals.
I don't draw humans. 
Don't have any long explanations, just give me a picture of your fursona.
I love doing these!
Only doing 1-2 characters
(you know)
I don't do anything with too long explanations, and please have an example of the character.
Doing 1-2 characters
Cool drawings.
Just a cool drawing. Cool. Really cool.
(Don't you know what it would say here by now?)
I don't do anything with too long explanations, and please have an example of the
character. If you really need the picture to look how you want, just draw a simple uncoloured sketch, and I will redraw and colour it.
1-2 characters
Full Body
Just a simple picture of the full body of the character!
(I don't draw humans, I mostly do cats/wolves)
(I don't draw overly designed OCs.)
I don't do anything with too long explanations, and please have an example of the character.
1 character
Just a simple picture of the character's head. Nothing much.
(I don't draw humans, I mostly draw wolves/cats.)
(I don't draw overly designed OCs.)
I don't do anything with too long explanations, and please have an example of the character.
1-2 character

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Part 1: 
Part 2: Taken (YorkieDorkie)
Part 3: Taken (wiconikhoni)
Part 4: LOOKING FOR BACK-UP!Taken (Fluffle)
Part 5: LOOKING FOR BACK-UP! Taken (Fluffle)
Part 6: LOOKING FOR BACK-UP!Taken (Fluffle)
Part 7: Taken (Firefoxanimations OwO)
Part 8: Taken (Cupcake The Wolf)
Part 9: Taken (c34489 AJ)
Part 10:
Part 11: (I might take, but you may offer)
Part 12:
Thank you!

Still looking for a few more animators. 
Due June 28th. 


CupcakeRed1's Profile Picture
Stupid person that every1 hates
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation

Red //September 30// She/Her
<a>link1</a> // nothing // link3
Hello! I'm not a Furry. I also make youtube videos and stuff. Traits:
Friendly, caring, shy, extreme hopefulness and suffers from anxiety at times

rqs : closed // comms : open

heterosexual .Stamp. Protected by Jesus by KillMePleaseGod
:iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:
PLEASE READ: Copyright Stamp thing by Toffee-Tama
Pageviews by prosaix
Oh yeah, and if you be a bitch and call me underage because of my art, realize that not everyone has the same art style, and it is just rude when you do that. I am 13, and some idiots call my a 9 year old? Well, if you do that, gtfo.
If you be rude, start drama, offend, judge, or bully others I will block you.
If you don't agree with me, don't start to judge and offend, it's just an opinion.
If you are a stranger and randomly start spamming my comments, offending me, and judging my opinions I will report you.
You can't change my opinions, sexuality, soul, thoughts, and life style no matter what you think.
Stamp_We'll never reach equality by Chivi-chivik Stamp_It doesn't make sense in this case by Chivi-chivik Stamp_Grow up? Really? by Chivi-chivik Stamp_Fear of failure by Chivi-chivik not perfect by Colliequest I'm often easy to miss that's all by XxDiaLinnxX Open your Mind Stamp by quazo Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound

P.S. Please do not spam my comments in any way, and don't use one word comments or just an emoji, I do not appreciate it.
Now that that important warning is over with, you can read the rest of my deviant ID. And you probably shouldn't click any links that are on here, they are most likely put there on accident.
pagedoll by NekoartsCandy

Not furry. I am not part of that "fandom" or whatever. I only draw anthros, what's the big deal? Deal with it.

Hello people of the world!
I LOVEE SPACE by Cookiederpowo
There are too many Reds.
Requests: Closed (RIP)
Commissions: Open...
Collabs: Closed (RIP)
Art Trades: Closed (RIP)

I am Red, but you can call me Red. You can also call me Alexis. Whatever you like.
I hate when people yell or just use swears meaninglessly, so don't do that unless your meh watcher.

I am working on animation, and soon I am planning to make my own cartoon, or just an online cartoon. Animation takes patience, and not many people know what that is lol. I like animating songs... because songs are cool.
I like Twenty One Pilots and OneRepublic. YEAH... I do requests, well... I only draw cats and wolves. I am also trying to improve some of my skills.

I am a self taught artist, so don't say I am not. I started drawing and making art when I was around 4 years old. Please don't blame me on any random crap, because that happened before and it was so annoying. I sometimes do animation requests or just make animations as gifts for meh watchers.

I really like it when people draw my characters! If you want to draw any of my characters, you can! You don't even need my permission... but you still HAVE to credit me! So credit me for the creation of the character ^-^ Also, when you are finished, please link it to me!

I get confused alot. I also easily can get emotional.
I like using emojis... yeah.

People like to bully me, but I've gotten used to it.
Furr-ia: DarkEye PAGEDOLL by Cupcake--Cupcake
Every time I get a certain amount of watchers, I make some kind of celebration or thank you to me friends.

I really like Eddsworld. Really really really like Eddsworld.

Do you play Animal Jam? If you do, my username of there is: Redleader68946, or you can see my other account: OverTheGardenWal1.

You don't have to thank me for faves! ^-^

Some art on here was made by Cupcake... but not much of it.

Any questions? Note me! X-3

Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if you're
---██--- not embarrassed
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Cһяısţıѧň
(But these hands have sinned)

Team Valor



Space week... or month... or something!Hello everyone! So, I may or may not have announced it, but it is Space week... or month... or something! :D
So, Space... week I'll say, is a time where we draw space stuff. Anything to do with space. Sci-fi, Outer Space, Characters, anything to do with space! :L
If you would like to participate, just comment and ask! I will most likely allow you! 

Space Stamp by Dalmins Outer Space Stamp 2 by Brainmatters Outer Space Stamp 5 by Brainmatters Space Stamp by Brainmatters
Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp) by Aviseya RP cute stamp by himawari-tan Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear
Stupidity Stamp by In-The-Zone Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone Disagree Stamp by In-The-Zone Stamp by LaylaTheBlackCheetah furry is anthro is not furry by SanguineJustice Furry stamp by golden-jackal Furry definition stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Fursonas Are Awesome Stamp by AgnomenPrice Don't Steal My Art by NannaDoodles Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps [Stamp] Science by Creepiest Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps Astronomy Stamp by WinterJackal Awkward by Fyi-Sus TV Stamp by lynxdesign
Do What You Love Stamp by CRIMlNALS Paranoia Stamp by CRIMlNALS Corrupt Static Stamp by Sugary-Stardust WHAT DO YOU FEEL | STAMP by 0378470 Its Ok To Be Sad Sometimes stamp by catstam Alien stamp by glovannas space stamp by gunsweat huskies are cool by yikz True! by CupcakeRed1 Blaze Stamp by Rainy-bleu Regular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by Zenity It's Anything But. by HybridYuki Eddsworld Stamp by XxDJRainbowScar Eddsworld Coke stamp by JaniceTheFurry paultryk by oh-its-canina I like trains stamp by Acidic-Saurian

Datt|F2U by InvalidQuestion Ghosting|F2U by InvalidQuestion Happy|F2U by InvalidQuestion Problems|F2U by InvalidQuestion

Art For Me!
Shadows of the Forest:
[Request] Build A Tipi! by MixThings Request wingy by LinaBroz Space kitties (AT) by Kori-Koolio Mom's Spaghetti by Mylkiie CHEAP Adopts (OPEN) by AppleCiderStar

My Fursonas:
~R E D~ by Kori-Koolio Request- Fursonas by SodaPopAnime Red Reporting by Cupcake--Cupcake Fight me (GIFT) by Kori-Koolio Doodle: Red by LifysDoodles Red by ClawsTheArtistFox

CupcakeRed1 by MarcoFluffers Request wingy2 by LinaBroz [Request] Losing Their Clarity by MixThings

Space Work:
I just wanna rule the world by Sluserzz TrES-2b (requested by CupcakeRed1) by MiriraArtz

Request 2 by RainbowKitty1224 [AT]- Derek and Techna (i tried....) by Duskthefox2468 Request 1 by RainbowKitty1224

Escaping Earth:
Space Squad:
Drawing request by ClawsTheArtistFox Art Request For CupcakeRed1 by SashaBrausAOT
Space (RQ) by Kori-Koolio Request for CupcakeRed1! by Xerneasblob445 Someone's High... by TomTheAsshat [Request] Trippin Out by MixThings Toffee pixel art by ClawsTheArtistFox
Honey by RedArmies
Request 1 by RainbowKitty1224
Request 2 by RainbowKitty1224

That one series that I wont name:
Tony + Terrance for CupcakeRed1 by TeddyHeadcrab Ey it's Tony by TheAnimeRaye

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime

-_- I am still an Eevee.

What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime

meditate stamp by CosmicDusty meditation stamp by CosmicDusty opinion stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

My friends and fam:
:iconportsec: :iconpumpkinuprising:
:iconaloniiia: :iconkori-koolio: :icontailypoartist:
:iconmixthings: :iconnovaflurry: :iconmiriraartz:
:iconemmazdogside: :iconthehentailady: :iconcannibalshiba:
:iconjohntheranter: :iconclawstheartistfox: :iconmelaniewrightproduc:
:iconxxkawaiieverythingxx: :iconmaster-zoom: :iconmoosiful:
Not on the list? Let me know, I'll see if I could add you! :D


CupcakeRed1 has started a donation pool!
69 / 5,000
It would mean alot to me if ya would gimme some points!
I'm sorry, I'm broke. I ain't have enough ca$h to buy
points. I probably will use points for adopts, commissions,
a membership, but- I'm not just going to be greedy like that. I will also share
points with people in need of them if I find them. Anyways,
it would really make my day if you donated! Thanks so much! ^-^

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